Restoration Shops

The following is my generalization of restoration shops that I have owned, seen or worked at. There are exceptions to the rule. Please don't beat me up if I have rolled your shop into the mix when you are an exception. But, if you do see yourself, I suggest you get down to your neighborhood junior college and take a course or too in business.

Painting Basics

Being HVLP and low VOC products are the way the industry's going I will be referring to them in this discussion on painting and paint guns. Most all basic issues dealing with HVLP can be applied to conventional guns, atomization is atomization. The HVLP just arrives at it differently.

Metal Shrinking

Where is the dent and how big is it? These may be deciding factors in how you repair. If your panel needs is shrinking. You can do this in many different ways, again depending on where and what size the dent is.

You could use:

A torch. This can provide the most heat for shrinking, consequently the most DAMAGE.