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For any company to enjoy success, they have to take care of their consumers. The same is true in the auto industry and one are it is highlighted is in after collision repairs.

Fiberglass Repair

This "basics" is for a fiberglass repair where a piece is missing. It could be used even if the piece isn't missing, but just cracked badly. What you do is thin the cracked area very thin so you lay the mat over the top just as you would in the description below referring to a missing piece. This is not a very difficult project.

Bondo Basics

What ever tools you use the trick is to not add the last "skim coat' till you KNOW that it is all you need. Don't try to block out that first coat, just use it as a base for the LAST skim coat.

I was taught this procedure after doing bodywork for a number of years and it really works well:

Door Skins

First off, to remove the old skin, take a grinder and grind the edge door where the skin folds around onto the door shell. Grind until you see the three layers of metal. Don't worry if you grind a little too much, if the shell gets ground a little it is no big deal. On the spot welds you can drill them or grind them, sometimes both.

Color Choice

Color choice is so much more than simply picking a color because you like it. Not every color works on every car. Some will argue to each his own or It's your car, paint it what ever you want. This is true, but you are painting it to look better, right?

MIG Welding

Let me start with safety, DO NOT SKIP, YOU NEED TO READ THIS. The UV rays that are produced at the weld can and will cause damage to your eyes you know that. But did you know that it WILL damage to your skin as well?

Large Panel Repair

When you have a large flat panel that is flexing the first thing you need to do is find out why. Sometimes you can stop it, other times you can't. But if you can stop it, you'll have a much easier time with the body filler work. Hoods, decklids, and the roof are particularly difficult because the heat and weight of the plastic filler can have an effect on the metal.

Spray Gun Cleaning

Gun cleaning should be done as soon as possible after spraying. The longer you leave the paint materials in the gun the more difficult it will be to clean. Be sure to wear the appropriate protection while handling solvents. Gloves, safety glasses and breath protection are highly recommended.

Paint Technology

There are many different types (or more correctly, technologies) of products you can use in the restoration or repair of your vehicle. Some have a variety of uses while others are very limited with only a few of specific uses. Proper choice of products can help you get the job done faster and/or help with the longevity of the repair.

Panel Alignment

Nothing adds to detail on a car more than nice fitting panels. If the car is a light color it is even more important. Those black lines that are the gaps between panels really look bad if they are not a consistent width. While using this guide and aligning your panels be sure that you open and close the moving ones very carefully after a change.